Memorial for Richard Langton Gregory: St. Georges Brandon Hill, Bristol

This is a 180° pano of moments from the memorial for Richard Gregory (1923-2010) CBE, DSc, FRSE, FRS and Emeritus Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol held in St Georges Brandon Hill, Bristol, 30 May 2010.
The scene shows the end of a performance of Beethoven's String Quartet op 18 no.1, a favourite of Richard's. Surrounding the stage are several objects typifying Richard's interests: a telescope, a reverse face-mask and with his ashes in an illusory urn. Video of one of his talks is about to be shown on the screens above.
Speakers included his son Mark, Colin Blakemore, Adam Hart-Davies, Sue Blackmore and with audio and video messages from Stuart Anstis, Oliver Sacks, Ramachandran and Dan Dennett.

Richard had a marvelous speaking voice which can be heard on these short videos:
That site also contains lists of his books and papers.

Staff and students of Bath Academy in Corsham, now Bath School of Art & Design at Sion Hill, are grateful that he found the time to give such memorable talks.

The light-leval was low necessitating a high iso setting. - Nikon D3x/16mm/360p pano head